Simply Fresh & Agrify Organics Enter A Strategic Alliance

Hyderabad: Simply Fresh– India’s leading Agri tech organization that uses precision farming techniques to grow fresh produce & Agrify Organics a facilitator for green produce distribution has entered into a strategic alliance to enable home delivery of fresh produce in Mumbai. The tie-up will help in the supply of fresh, nutritious, and immunity-boosting produce to people during the lockdown and afterward.

Simply Fresh will be able to enhance its reach by entering the Agrify E-marketplace and strengthen its distribution. Simply Fresh has specifically curated three baskets for the Agrify customers who can choose from various product options and place an order on the Arifgy organics website and App.

Agrify Organic Solutions is the platform that has been acting as a bridge between farmers and buyers providing high-quality produce. With Simply Fresh produce on its offering, Agrify Organics will be able to provide high-quality greens to its members.

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