What Is It?

Agrify Pragati is an innovative farmer connect and management platform developed by Agrify Fresh. It efficiently manages the entire fresh produce supply chain while empowering farmers with essential services and resources.
Through the Agrify Pragati farmer app, farmers gain access to critical information and assistance, revolutionizing their interaction with the agriculture ecosystem.

Empowering Farmers

Onboarding farmers onto the Agrify Pragati app provides them with a comprehensive range of services and tools.
Farmers can access information about subsidies, apply for financial assistance, and receive assistance in renting equipment.
This empowers farmers to make informed decisions, improve productivity, and enhance overall farming practices.

Tracking Progress and
Harvest Forecasting

Agrify Pragati serves as a centralized hub for tracking farmer progress and gathering critical data.
– It provides accurate harvest forecasts, enabling efficient supply chain planning and management.
– Advanced algorithms leverage this data to optimize supply chain operations and minimize wastage.

Optimizing Supply Chain
and Reducing Wastage

– Agrify Pragati optimizes the overall supply chain of Agrify Fresh through consolidated farmer data, harvest forecasts, and transportation information.
– It offers comprehensive visibility and control over the supply chain process, identifying and eliminating inefficiencies.
– Route optimization features enable cost-effective and eco-friendly transportation, enhancing overall supply chain efficiency and sustainability.

Revolutionary Solution

– Agrify Pragati revolutionizes the management of the fresh produce supply chain by integrating farmer empowerment and efficient operations.
– It ensures a seamless flow of produce from farm to retailer, delivering high-quality produce with unparalleled efficiency.
– The platform’s features and capabilities position Agrify Fresh as an industry leader, driving sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.


Parshuram Devkar

Agrify Pragati helped me in a huge way with better rates for my produce and seed financing assistance! It was an easy process and now my farm is doing much better. Their support has helped me increase productivity and profits. Thank you, Agrify Fresh.

Pandit Jadhav

I am so grateful for Agrify Fresh! They offer the best rates for the different varieties of my farm produce. Their overall pricing has boosted my income. Now, I can focus on growing diverse crops and still earn well. I recommend Agrify Fresh to all farmers looking for fair prices!

Arjun Trambak

Through Agrify Fresh’s traceability feature by Tracesure, I can confidently share details about my produce’s origin, how I grow it, and its quality. This has built trust with buyers, giving me access to better markets and prices. This service has helped me a lot.