TraceSure is a produce Traceability system developed by Agrify.

Traceability is a technology in the supply chain that connects the two ends of producer and buyer, and thus helps build trust at two levels – between producer and procurer, and between retailer and consumer. This way, traceability becomes an effective means to build consumer confidence.

As technology that helps trace the journey of the produce through all stages of the supply chain, traceability is used to track the processes that go into production. When ethical brands procure the produce, they ensure that certain standards and prerequisites are met, which are guaranteed through traceability.

Today’s environmentally and ethical-conscious brand of consumers have triggered the need to introduce traceability

TraceSure is a fool-proof manner by which to bring transparency to the entire process. With the use of traceability, a consumer can simply scan the QR code to get to know the origin and provenance of the product.