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Introducing Trace-Sure, a revolutionary blockchain-based produce traceability system developed by Agrify Fresh. With complete visibility of the entire supply chain, Trace-Sure provides unprecedented assurance and control over the journey of the produce. This innovative solution features an in-built audit trail and policy enforcement, setting it apart as a ground-breaking technology.

Using Trace-Sure, Agrify Fresh can confidently track every stage of the produce’s journey, ensuring transparency and quality control. This includes monitoring key environmental metrics such as carbon emissions, reflecting the company’s commitment to responsible practices. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Trace-Sure revolutionizes the way traceability and supply chain management are approached, making Agrify Fresh a leader in the industry.

Key Features of Trace-Sure

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Blockchain Technology

Trace-Sure utilizes blockchain technology to create an immutable and transparent record of the produce’s journey. Each step of the supply chain, from farm to consumer, is securely recorded and timestamped on the blockchain, ensuring data integrity and eliminating the possibility of tampering.

Complete Visibility

Agrify Fresh gains real-time visibility into the movement and handling of the produce throughout the supply chain. This enables them to track the origin, processing, storage, transportation, and distribution of each batch of produce, ensuring transparency and quality control.

Audit Trail

Trace-Sure generates a detailed audit trail that captures all relevant data and activities associated with the produce. This includes information such as farm practices, harvesting methods, storage conditions, transportation routes, and handling procedures. The audit trail serves as a verifiable record for compliance, quality assurance, and dispute resolution.

Policy Enforcement

The system includes policy enforcement mechanisms to ensure adherence to predetermined standards and regulations. Agrify Fresh can define and enforce specific policies regarding sustainability, fair trade practices, organic certifications, and other industry-specific requirements. Non-compliant activities or deviations trigger automated alerts and notifications, allowing for prompt corrective actions.

Environmental Metrics

Trace-Sure incorporates features to track and analyze environmental metrics, such as carbon emissions. By capturing and analyzing data related to energy consumption, transportation methods, and processing techniques, Agrify Fresh can assess and minimize their environmental footprint. This promotes sustainability and supports the company’s commitment to responsible practices.

Benefits of Trace-Sure

Enhanced Quality Control

Agrify Fresh can ensure the quality and integrity of their produce throughout the supply chain, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Compliance and Certification

The system enables Agrify Fresh to demonstrate compliance with industry standards, certifications, and regulatory requirements. This enhances trust among consumers, partners, and regulatory authorities.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Agrify Fresh can ensure the quality and integrity of their produce throughout the supply chain, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Efficient Recall Management

In the event of a product recall, Trace-Sure facilitates rapid identification and targeted removal of affected batches, minimizing the scope and impact of recalls

Tracesure ensures end-to-end
traceability of fresh produce

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Farmer Details:

We give complete information of the farmer the produce has been procured from. This is where the traceability journey starts.

Timeline and Supply chain:

A view of the timeline is visible and shown as well as recorded by the system. This gives a complete understanding of the time produce has taken to reach from farm to consumer. This also helps solve any issues in the supply chain.

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Farm Gallery:

This part shows the consumer the farm where the procurement for a particular produce is done.